1890’s – Two brothers from Shepshed, Leics.

The calendar doesn’t go beyond 1904, so here is a set of two photos taken sometime in the 1890’s.

On the right is my 2 x Great Grandfather George Nelson. He was born on the 20th of March 1851 in Hall Croft, Sheepshed (Shepshed after 1870), Leicestershire.
He died (I think) having his haircut at the house of John Henry Green (Hairdresser) also in Shepshed on the 20th January 1922.
I’m not 100% certain this photo is of George, but it is a Loughborough photographic studio shot, which was taken when it was in operation around the 1890 mark. He also looks very much like my Dad! Can see the family resemblance.

Then I ended up in touch with a distant cousin, Richard Clamp, down in Australia. He sent me the photo on the left, which is his Great Grandfather and George’s brother James Nelson. James was also born in Shepshed, but on the 14th November 1853. He died in Loughborough, also in 1922 but on the 5th November.

There is a resemblance to George.

From trade directories, they apparently worked together for a time, making silk gloves. Back then in the region, everyone was in the textile or shoe industries. It seems my Dad’s ancestors were all in textile and my Mum’s in shoes. Although my paternal Grandma worked in a shoe factory before she got married to my Grandad, who bucked the trend, as he was an electrical engineer.

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