Emma Anna Doolan (Nee Munson) 1861-1944

This is my 2 times Great Grandmother Emma Doolan, who was born on Factory Lane, Colchester on the 3rd April 1861. She is related to my maternal Grandma, being her Dad’s Mum.

She married Charles Henry Doolan, who was born on Watsons Square in Stockport to Irish parents on the 22nd June 1842. He died in Slythes Square, Colchester on the 2nd December 1896.

They lived around the West Stockwell Street area of Colchester, which isn’t far from Castle Park. We visited the area in 2016 – no doubt it has changed a lot since they lived around there.

Emma and Charles had 5 daughters together. Things complicate a little bit as Emma’s son, my Great Grandfather, Henry Charles Doolan was born in 1899. So Charles Henry Doolan couldn’t have possibly been his father. In fact on Henry Charles’ birth certificate, the entry for the father has been left blank.

During his service in WW1, he has Charles Henry recorded as his father in the army records. Which isn’t true.

So we’ll never know the full story. Emma had a son and chose to conceal things by giving him the surname of her late husband… along with his first names in a different order!

After her husbands death, Emma had her brother and another man lodging with her. Both of them employed as gardeners. I’m wondering if this other man, Reuban Goody, could have had an affair with Emma? Who knows? I certainly never will.

Interesting story though…

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