1928: Nottingham

This is one of the photo scans my Dad’s cousin passed onto me 4 years ago. Before that time I didn’t have any photos of my Great Grandparents (and further back) nor any of my Dad as a child/teenager.

This is a photo of my Great Grandad George Harry Nelson, with my Grandad’s younger brother, Victor Harry Nelson. It was a bit confusing as my Dad’s name was also Victor. In his case Victor Reginald Nelson.

Victor Harry was born in 1922, so that helps me to date this photo. As a child I remember seeing “Uncle Victor and Auntie Edna” as they’d visit us now and then. I still have a book they gave me.

George Harry fought near Ypres during WW1 and was wounded about 3 times. I often look at this photo and wonder what life must have been like for him postwar. He had lost his brother Harold during the conflict. Both were from Shepshed near Loughborough.

Surprisingly it took me a while to work out where the photo was taken, a bit silly really, as I’ve actually been to this place a number of times. They are actually next to one of the lions, which are either side of Nottingham city hall on the market place side.

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