1936 : Clacton Pier?

I’m guessing both the location and the year here, as this is from one of the photos I borrowed from my Grandma about 15 years ago. I scanned it during my visit back to the UK via my Uncles PC.
This is also cropped from a long queue of people on the original photo, which is why it is a bit low res.

The girl in the grey coat carrying a small briefcase type thing is my Grandma Maureen Holyland (Nee Doolan). To the right of her is her Mother Olive Doolan (Nee Fisher) and the tall man behind her is my Grandma’s father Henry Doolan. He is holding a baby, who was her brother Michael who tragically died when he was a year old. So this is the only photo I have of her brother.

I’m guessing this is Clacton Pier. Don’t know what the occasion was or the exact date. My Grandma was born in the village of Layer de la Haye in 1925 near Colchester, so I’m guessing she must’ve been about 11 years old… or perhaps older…?

I love the fashions…

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