1970: My Christening? Lots of questions…

These two photos of me with my parents, were cropped, which I’ve put together. During my Mum’s illness she went through a period of butchering our family photos with a pair of scissors. Some were lost forever, while others were cropped down.

These two photos are a bit of a puzzle to me, as it is obvious these were taken on a special occasion. For a start my Dad is wearing a suit – which is something he didn’t do very often. He always worked in a workshop or in a factory, so suit wearing wasn’t very useful for his job.

Which leads me to think that it was my Christening. Which took place at Saint Mary’s Church in Hinckley. However, in the photo I’m convinced that it was taken in Leicester. My Dad was brought up in an estate of “temporary” brick built bungalows, which were built for aircraft workers, employed by jet engine pioneer Frank Whittle.
They were in an area called Glenhills, next to Glen Parva and built at the end of WW2 (from what I know) and named the Rupert Estate. By the early 1950’s they were swallowed up by the construction of the Eyres Monsell council estate – where my Mum was brought up from about the age of 8.

So looking at this photo, the bricks and windows are definitely similar to those bungalows on the Rupert Estate. By 1970 I think my paternal Grandma (my Grandad had died in 1967) was probably still living here. Although along with my parents she later moved to Hinckley, then passed away in 1971. So why was I baptised in Hinckley?
My Dad’s eldest brother also lived on the Rupert Estate, a couple of streets away from where my Grandma would have lived. He later moved with his wife and young family to Whetstone.

Anyway a bit of a mystery, to see me in a photo taken in Leicester, even if I was baptised in Hinckley… Unless they were dressed up for something else?

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