1972 – Holidays with my parents…

The fashions have aged badly, but this is a photo that shows a happy time, when things were no doubt normal (I don’t know, I was too young to remember).

I have other photos of my parents with my Dad’s Mum, his eldest brother and his daughter (my cousin) Shirley. But I think those were taken before I came along, as Shirley’s sister Karen is a baby in those pictures. She was about a year older than me. Sadly (going into the future), she passed away young at 16 years old.
I can remember playing with them both when I was little then my Uncle, Aunt, their daughters and sons moved to Lincolnshire in the early 80’s.

This photo (I think) was taken at Skegness. Possibly in nearby Ingoldmells. My Dad’s car in the background was a 2 door 1966 Ford Cortina 1500, which is the first car I remember him having.

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