1976: Middlefield Infant School, Hinckley, Leics.

I vaguely remember these photos, even if I was only 6 at the time. Middlefield Infant school no longer exists, it was demolished some years ago. Richmond Junior school next door, was extended and became a Primary school to replace it.

Where the infant school once stood is now a playground and car par for the extended school.

I have fuzzy memories of being there and their efforts to stop me sucking my thumb… mustard and salt spread on my thumb… and I even remember a classmate, a girl called Gaynor, bringing in this stuff that was brushed onto my thumb. It made your mouth burn but none of these things seemed to deter me!

We used to watch “Stop Look & Listen” & “Watch” on the big TV in the hall.

Later on I went to Richmond Juniors next door, for probably less than a year (seemed like longer), before we moved house and left Hinckley for Leicester.

In the class photo I remember the faces but only one or two names… Anne Parker… Jason Harrison… Kerry Dell… that’s about it. Not bad for 44 years ago!

In the end I changed Junior/Primary school 3 times… something I didn’t enjoy one bit…

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