Victor Reginald Nelson – 1945-1990

In memory of my Dad born in Enderby in 1945 and passed away at Glenfield Hospital in 1990 of lung cancer.

Now the serious stuff is out of the way…

My Dad was in short a clown but also the person I respected the most when I knew him. Luckily for me, he taught me right from wrong, compassion, consideration, manners and also passion for the things I am interested in.
He was my support through difficult times and my best friend. Sometimes I don’t think I live up to him, but if I did, that would be about enough for me.

Growing up I didn’t know as much about his family as I did my Mum’s. Both his parents died young in their early 50’s (I’m 50 as I write this). His Dad worked in the aircraft industry and was a radio ham, he was born in Nuneaton like me. He died in 1967.
His Mum was a shoehand when she met my Grandad and then a housewife in charge of my Dad and his two elder brothers. She was born in Enderby like my Dad and passed away in 1971 when I was about 18 months old.

My Dad left school aged 16 in 1961 (he often told me that “Runaway” by Del Shannon came out at around the same time) with an O level in Art and not a lot else. He started work as a patternmaker, while taking a City & Guilds at Leicester College in that subject (I think that was Charles Keene).
In the early 70’s he became a CNC machinist at Jones & Shipmans in Braunstone. Was made redundant in 1983.
For the last 7 years of his life he looked after my Mum, or rather stayed with her to make sure she did nothing silly.

Those last 7 years were difficult for us as a family, but in getting into CB radio and then studying for a City & Guilds in radio (he was studying morse code for his A licence when he passed away), then becoming a radio ham like his Dad, he met many friends who helped us through. Without them life would have been very hard.

He deserved so much more in life, but never got it.
In hindsight I realise now he always put me first…

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