Off to Sandtoft…

By September 1996 I had left the Midland Fox bus company, leaving in October 1995 after 5 years with them.

I carried on attending bus rallies with them though, in 1996. On a visit to an event at the Sandtoft Trolleybus Museum near Doncaster, we stopped off at some services on the M1.
With us we had two guests from Germany. My friend Dirk from Marburg and his friend Volker (who is pictured with me), who was a bus driver for the local company Stadwerke Marburg.

For my last year with the company I used to organise the sales for rally visits, while Paul Swann, the Garage Manager of Southgates depot in Leicester provided and drove the bus.
After having left, Paul carried on organising these visits, which I carried on going to into 1997/8 – if my visit to the UK co-incided with one (I left to live in France in August 1997).

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