The 88th Tour de France calls in on the 29th July 2001 before reaching Paris

20e étape 29 juillet Corbeil-Essonnes – Paris 150  Ján Svorada  Lance Armstrong

Data from Wikipedia.

On a scorching hot Sunday afternoon, some of the residents of the village gathered in groups along the Grande Rue to await the arrival of the Tour de France, the last stage from Corbeil Essonnes to Paris.

This set of photos shows the arrival of the publicity caravan, the riders before everyone melted off to head home… the riders passed in minutes. I missed “seeing” them as I had my eye on my cameras’ viewfinder!

The first publicity car arrives… …followed by the rest. Then the first riders… …then the rest Then a Gendarme bringing up the rear Heading home along rue de la Croix Boissy

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