2004 : In memory of…

Having lost a few friends and internet buddies recently I wanted to remember them here on my blog. So…

Gerry Brown
This man single handedly changed the diecast model world with his group and regular newsletter to all us bus enthusiasts. What’s more he did it out of his enthusiasm for the subject and no personal gain.
Gerry was a top bloke – really made the effort to get in touch with everyone who had a question or just to acknowledge some info that was sent. I often wonder how he found the time for it all – but he seemed to be able to do so and reply with such friendship and consideration.
Will always remember you Gerry – and thanks so much.

Jules & Pete Thomas (brother & sister)
It was with great sadness that I heard about the passing away of Pete and then Jules this year. It’s totally unbelieveable that a family can loose them both like that.
Both Jules and Pete were known to us expats in France as the Moderators of the “Dreaming of living in France…” groups – to which they put so much time and energy.
They always had time to make you welcome.
When Jules was diagnosed with cancer she carried on chatting online – through the medium of the internet it’s often easy to forget the person at the other end of a chat window is suffering so much. But Jules beared that with great dignity and from what I have been told since I lost touch with her – she lived her life as fully as possible until she passed away suddenly.
For me, I am only too sorry not to have known them personally. But I feel like I did after all the conversations I had with both of them. Both of them will be remembered with the utmost respect.

The sad fact for me is that I never met Jules, Pete or Gerry in person. In this world of the net I am quick to realise that if you have an opportunity of meeting friends on the net, then it’s great to do so. But I will remember the contact I had with them with warmth and friendship.

Alan Ball
Alan and his wife Elsie lived just two doors from me where I used to live in Leicester. I had known them both for such a long time, as I was only 8 when I moved into the neighbourhood.
I am now 34 and it was with such sadness to hear that Alan had passed away this Summer very suddenly – it shocked us all.
Alan and Elsie always had time to stop for a chat whenever I passed their place. Something as simple as that I loved.
I adored them both from a very young age. The thing is, when you have known people for so long you always think they will go on forever – having moved to France 7 years ago to hear this sort of news from back home hits you as much as if you were living down the road from them still.
When I go back to the UK I will look forward to seeing Elsie and I thank her so much for her card that I received from her a couple of weeks ago.

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