On two wheels…

Last night I went to pick up my new Scooter – drove it back from the shop and later drove in convoy with Thumpah in the car to her brothers place at the edge of our village.

It’s a very strange sensation that’s hard to describe – I have never ridden any form of motorbike or Scooter before. But at the moment I enjoy it, yet am a bit apprehensive as it’s all new to me.

I suppose it’s easier in that it is gearless – yet the throttle is very sensitive. If I were to accelerate off too quickly I’d find myself on the ground behind my bike – like out of some Warner Bros cartoon.
For now, I’m going to get used to it by riding around our small village where I can’t do myself or anyone else too much harm. But it will be great to be able to go and see my friend in the next village and take the train into Paris whenever I like.

The only thing constraining me at this moment is having no insurance, reg plate (all new Scooters in France have to be registered now since last July) or log book (carte grise).

I will have to go through that paperwork shortly – but the bloke in the shop is taking care of most of it at least…

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