Driving lesson : Posting Christmas cards

This afternoon is really sunny here at the mo… but cold!!!

Anyway despite the zero temperatures and crunchy ground I thought I’d take a trip out on my two wheels to start my practical experience of learning how to drive and get basically from A to B.

So todays driving took me to the village post box – crossing over the main street at the bottom of our road to get across to the mairie (village hall) where the post box is.

Well it’s a bit dangerous because everyone parks right up to the junction to get on to the main street so looking to the right you can’t see a thing, unless you inch into the middle of the road. So I managed to do that and let a speeding car by before I moved off.

Got to the post box to post a couple of last minute Chriggy cards and did a little tour of the village. Still fiddling around with the mirrors on the bike though…

One strange thing was when I bought the Scooter the fuel guage was reading two thirds full – now it’s hovering just above the red. Anyone would have thought I’d done a lot of km’s!!! A full tank should allow you to do 200kms – I think since having the bike I’ve done around 1.5km.


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