Christmas this year…

…will be spent with the in-laws. For a change… Well, this year I am stuck in France and can’t afford to go back to the UK.

My parents in law got back together, recently, after several years of divorce and built a house in front of ours. It’s made a big change to our lives, and means that I see them almost every day. Well I can see their living room and kitchen from my office window here. 🙂

So everyone will be piling around there for the main Christmas meal on Christmas Eve – which usually goes on till the early hours. As is the way in France prezzies are opened on Christmas Eve too – at midnight, although the presents to me and Thumpah from friends and family in the UK and to each other are opened here at home on Christmas morning.

We’ll probably feel a little fragile on Christmas morning, I’ve never got used to eating a large meal at midnight Christmas Eve – but what is not surprising, is that we have no desire to do the whole turkey dinner business midday on the day.

Christmas Day evening we are invited around one of the BIL’s for a quick snack – that hopefully leaves Boxing Day free… although “Boxing Day” doesn’t exist here. Thumpah has not been able to take any extra time off so she just has the weekend and that will be the same for New Years Eve weekend too – at least she finishes at 3.30pm on those Friday afternoons.

Hopefully next year I’ll be able to spend Christmas in the UK – it’s 2 years now since spent the last one over there…

Photo taken in the lane behind our house, New Years Day 2004

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