New Scooter

Perhaps I’ll write more about the festivities later but in the meantime
I am finally mobile… well “almost”. After a few months of thought I/we
finally bought me a motorised Scooter.

In France you can ride a 50cc Scooter without a licence, however, you do
need to get it registered (came into force last July) and it goes
without saying that you need insurance!!!

Well I picked the Scooter the week before Christmas and since then I
have been giving it a try out around the local neighbourhood. I’ve never
ridden a Scooter or Motorbike before – so I’m getting in as much
practice as possible.

Presently I’m still waiting for paperwork to be sorted out for the reg
plate and insurance – which seems to be a slow process.
Also have to mae sure I do all that can be possible to avoid it being
stolen when I park it up somewhere. The reality is in France that
100,000 two wheelers say “bye bye” to their owners each year!

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