Joining the mobile age & my 35th…

Back in August my Grandma & Uncle over in the UK gave me and Thumpah their old mobiles. Well… they are not that “old”. Reluctantly we took them – even though I hate people who use their mobiles in a public place and my Thumpah just hates mobiles full-stop.

From back then until now we’ve not been able to use them – because the phones were obviously locked onto a UK system. My Uncle came up with a code for one of the phones – but couldn’t get hold of the other. Then a really nice friend I met on the net who worked for a UK network was able to chase up my Uncle’s code for me.

Well… finally we have both working and are now getting our heads around the functions. In my case I’ve picked it up mostly – in my Thumpah’s case, her phone is in her handbag – where she would quite gladly leave it!

This evening I’m going to try and explain to her how to use it. As I keep saying to her… “It’ll be good if you have a car problem… especially at night” – but I think she is more worried about her Mum constantly ringing her. My MIL is slave to her mobile. I think one day she’ll have to have it surgically removed.

Meanwhile I celebrated my 35th with Thumpah and our friends Pascal, Bernadette & Julien.

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