Mozilla and French course

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks so I’ve not really got around to writing on my Blog – but today something I found will perhaps make writing on here that little bit easier. As I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser those nice people at Mozilla have brought our a
Blogger Extension – which is pretty nifty. Well, it’s OK for quick text posts without having to go onto the Blogger site. Unfortunately you can’t upload photos and other things. Mind you I’ve just found that function doesn’t work at the Blogger site anyway!

So… hectic, yes quite busy. Over the time I’ve been living in France I’ve had quite an unassumed existance – a lot of time spent between jobs just hitting a spiral of depression. All that changed when I went back into the classroom a few weeks ago to study French. In fact I had an interview last November for some free courses. At the time those who conducted the interview and also allocated the course suggested I was over qualified to be able to attend. Not in French, but for my general education level back in the UK.
Anyway to my surprise I found myself being sent for inscription onto a French course in nearby Corbeil Essonnes, ironically on my 35th birthday.

To my great joy I was able to go on the course – 200 hours in total, 18 hours a week. The last two weeks have certainly made me feel like I have rested dormant for way too long now and aside from brushing up on my French, I now have a regular structure to each day. I feel so much better for it aside from transport problems and getting my head around “les verbes promoninaux” and the art of the “Compliment Object Direct/Indirect”.

Moulin Galant, Corbeil Essonnes.

My girlfriends parents have kindly ran me to the course the first week and or picked me up from the station. As I don’t want to put them out too much I bought a Carte Orange (travel card) for the week so that all they need to do is run me to the local station. I then have a 15 minute walk at the other end to where I take my classes.

Of course this taxi situation can’t go on forever – I’ll be far happier once I get the reg documents for my Scooter because then I’ll be able to run myself to the local rail station and I suppose independance will reign supreme!


Now and again we have some social time in class with the teacher, when we have a coffee break or bring in some food to share…



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