Going solo

Today finally I was able to stick my little insurance certificate onto my scooter – so I could finally take to the road legally. Unfortunately I still haven’t got my reg plate – but here in France I can still ride my scooter as long as I have insurance.

So this morning I made a trip out to the next village, Ballancourt sur Essonne – about 2 miles away to see a friend of the family. Was basically to invite them to eat here in the next few weeks and ask kindly if I can pretty-please, leave my scooter in front of their place if I need to go and take the train.

We live in a place where there is no train station (even if the line passes our village) and no buses (well… ONE a day). So this will be very helpful.

So out on the open road I was a bundle of nerves. The road between here and Ballancourt can be quite busy – it’s quite narrow and everywhere is totally open. No hedgerows along the road or between the fields – very blustery.
Still – hopefully I will get used to it. The limit on my scooter is only 50km/h – and I was doing about 35km/h. So not very fast. Even so… I wouldn’t want to fall off at 50 all the same.

Nice shot, then it fell over… :-/

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