CPI Hussar 50

Back in December 2004 we bought a Scooter so that I could get around easier – at first I used it to get to the train station, but now I go to my French classes 4 days a week on it. It’s been a confidence building exercise but I think that is finally paying off.

It has taken a lot of getting used to as not only have I never had a scooter/moped etc before, but as you don’t need a licence here in France, I’ve never needed to take any sort of scooter driving lessons. It’s very much trial and error, in that I nearly had an accident with a bus yesterday, but I think I managed to at least avoid that.

Compared to the train my 4 daily trips of 12km each way takes less than half the time. Plus I don’t have a long wait around as my train is hourly.

I’ll say more about my scooter no doubt another time… it’s past midnight so time for bed. Day off tomorrow!

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