Evaluations… not yet!

This morning I made it to my French classes early at 8.20am as usual – on the way just missing being felled by a woman in a car who pulled out from the right.

Today everyone BUT me had evaluations (tests) – so I was taught one to one by the teacher. My request was to go over the “participe passé conjugué avec avoir et être” with a little bit on the “Complement Objet Direct/Indirect” thrown in for good measure. Those are two things that always throw me.

My teacher: Monsieur AMADOU

On the way back errr… I broke down. 🙁 I ran out of fuel for the second time – not because I forgot to refuel, but because there appears to be a problem with the power and fuel consumption of my scooter. It’s supposed to do at least 200km on a full tank – since the last fill up I’ve only got about 117km; which is a big difference. Also getting up to 50km/h seems to be getting difficult.
I can see I’ll have to pay a visit to the shop where I bought it to see if there is something wrong. I’ve also changed the oil since (the oil that mixes with the petrol and not the engine oil) – but I don’t think that will make much difference.

Anyway as my scoot conked out I had a 3km walk (nearly 2 miles) back home with the scooter. I feel knackered.

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