Gimp and Scooter Problems

Well this evening I spent a few hours redoing my blog layout. I downloaded “The Gimp” yesterday, so have been fiddling around with background images too. Have to admit I’m quite impressed with that programme.

Today I’ve had to take my scooter in to the shop for work on the fuel gauge – I’d also hoped the reg plate would be ready too. In the end when I picked it up this evening the bloke there told me the plate isn’t ready and that he couldn’t find anything wrong with the fuel gauge. Ah well… Soon see if it’s working as I filled up the tank on Monday morning. He said that if I still have a problem they’ll replace the whole unit.

In between my visits to the motorcycle shop, I mowed the lawns and cut back a bush that was getting in the way. I also gave the fencing supports between our garden and Thumpah’s parents place a whack with a hammer. They were a little loose.

This evening I was supposed to do some French homework – which I’ll probably do tomorrow morning now. I can’t seem to get motivated to do that. Ah well… It’ll come…

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