Ooo-err silence

Looks like I’ve not posted anything on here for over a month! Come to think of it I’ve not posted much on the dreaded Orkut either. I say dreaded because as usual it still has server problems and some people on there can be quite rude knowing that they do not have any come back.

Anyway… not a great deal has changed here in Froggie land. I’m still taking my French classes which look set to last another 3 or 4 weeks. Meanwhile I’m looking into validating my skills here and then I’ll try to find some employment through job agencies.
If the French course continues, then I will perhaps have to settle with a part-time job.

Since I last wrote we went on holiday to Brantôme in the south west of France. It was nice to get away and Brantôme is really nice out of season – less nice once the “tourists” get their hands on the place and then its wall to wall with Brits 😉

Thumpah, is off to Japan on Sunday – business trip. She’s away for a week, so for once I’m going to be on my own for the duration. She is going over there to visit three of the factories operated by the Japanese company that she works for. In the 6 days over there she’ll only have one morning to herself – which is a bit of a bummer.

This week I’ve been off of my French classes since Tuesday, due to public holidays in France. This has co-incided with the class of 2005 starting up – so a lot of people in the class have departed over the last few weeks and a few new faces have appeared. Next week the numbers will continue to increase.
For my week on my own I am at least domesticated. The only problem is going to be trying to wake up at 6.45am each morning – Thumpah is a good alarm clock!

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