Catching up, Japan and ASSEDIC bis

Well what has been happening? Not too much really as such. As you can see yesterday I mentioned that I had been to the ASSEDIC today – of which more anon.

Thumpah went off to Japan at the beginning of the month with work. It was only for a week, but it seemed strange to be on my own all the same. Not that it was a holiday for her. That it certainly wasn’t – 12 hour flights and full working days coupled with factory visits isn’t my idea of a good holiday. Even so, she really enjoyed it and it was certainly an experience for her. She did manage to take some photos of Japan (as opposed to CNC machines and lathes – of which she has photos of too) – but we have not had time to go through them and tidy them up. Some are out of focus.

Aside from the trip, we had decided to buy a new camera from Japan, as they are slightly cheaper over there. In the end I think we made about 25 Euro’s in savings – plus had a very nice camera too (see previous entry about the Sony DSC L1).
For one thing it’s nice to take video with sound.

As I mentioned yesterday and above, I had the joys of going to the ASSEDIC this morning. Which was a bit of a waste of time.
Unfortunately it had been raining during the night, but was fairly light when I left at 7.45am. So before going I thought “Winter rain coat and Summer gloves, as it might be warm later. Famous last words… to say it “pissed it down” would be an understatement. I was wet through by the time I got to the ASSEDIC – 20 minutes early before it opened.
I left my crash helmet on to at least keep my head dry.

Once the ASSEDIC opened – I quickly found the system has changed. No more grab a numbered ticket from the “acceuil” (reception) – it was queue at the guichet (counter) to have the consultation there and then! At least I was only the second person in line.
The usual system is that you are given a ticket with a number on it, and by way of a digital display you are called into a little office for interview.

This morning the “interview” was done in front of everyone else. The woman behind the counter attracted negative points from me upon the first response from my “Je suis venu pour me reinscrire” (I’ve come to sign back on). She rather snottyly said “It’s not to “sign on” as you did that last September”. Errmm… then how come I had to fill in the same form as last September?


Anyway – she told me off for not having filled in part of the form that demands why I lost my last job. Then promptly put a line through that section and crossed two boxes at the bottom of the page (no need to have filled that bit in then, after all?)
Last September I didn’t fill that bit in, anyway, and it passed.

Funnily enough, I have not been in a “job” I’ve just completed a course.

The upshot is that one of my attestations doesn’t have a stamp on it from my one of my previous employers. In fact I have an orginal without stamp and a photocopy of the same (both provided), but with stamp. I am convinced I gave the latter as an original with stamp, to them at an earlier interview. But the woman there said “it was not on her computer” Grrrr…

I’ve now got to contact previous employer for a new attestation (who have since moved to Nantes, so there is no guarentee that they’ve kept the original stamps for the place where I worked here in the Paris area) – put the whole lot together and then post it to the ASSEDIC (with a few crottes de merde… O:-) )

The thing that gets me is that you go out of your way to put every thing in order, in such a way that it makes their lives easier – and they get unecessarily stroppy about it. Result is – I lose total respect for the person I am talking to and go straight on the defensive. Just to show I’m not “another idiot foreigner” – this morning it worked, but frankly the woman who dealt with me was totally unhelpful.

Anyway – I dashed back (if that’s the right word) in heavier rain. Stopped off at La Poste in Mennecy (Post Office) to send off two slightly sodden envelopes to my old college in Leicester and the Examination board in Leeds for the next stage – my visit to the ANPE (Employment Office).
I have lost my BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design certificate – which I will need to prove I have the qualification – for which I’ll have to get it translated and then validated into an equivalent French qualification (BTS – I think).
I also need to visit the VAE (place to validate the skills I’ve acquired since living in France – mainly computer skills and the fact I speak French).

So in the coming days I have plenty to do – but it means a bit of a waiting game for some things. Such is life in France…

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