Painty do… w.bloggar and La Locomotion en Fête

Hmmm… an uneventful day after getting drenched on me scoot yesterday. Spent this afternoon having to modify a poster designed for the theatre show Thumpah will appear in this Saturday evening.
For the last show in May 2004 I designed the poster for the theatre troup – which they were quite pleased with. But this year they didn’t want to ask me, and instead a young girl related to someone in the troup was asked instead.

Unfortunately she chose to do the poster at the very last minute – painted in watercolours (obviously very quickly) with text that is totally unreadable.

John to the rescue…

I’ve been painting out the text in Photoshop (not fun correcting watercolours) and adding new and clearer text in place of that painted out. Hopefully that’ll be OK for them, although the poster could have been done with being finished sooner. There is only 3 days left to publicise the show.

As it’s my job I can give two ARRRGGHHH’s!!!! for lateness and the unreadable poster. It’s definately something that bothers me. Anyway…

Aside from that I have been trying out a new software called “w.bloggar” to post to my blog. So far it works quite well, even better, it’s free! Last night I also changed the Lighthouse image supplied with the blogger template for an image of a couple of Leicester buses, dating from the early 80’s. Bit of magic with Photoshop and you can’t see the difference…

This weekend the Locomotion en Fête takes place 7 miles down the road at the aérodrome de Cerny near La Ferté Alais. I try to go every year and really enjoy it. It’s a vehicle rally with everything, and one of few that happens in France. Back in the UK I would go to this sort of rally 4 or 5 times a year.
As Thumpah is in the theatre show on Saturday – then either I’ll go on my scooter on the Saturday or we’ll both go on the Sunday.

[Listening to: Track 1 – The Black Crowes – – The Southern Harmony and Music Companion – Sting Me (04:40)]

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