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Yesterday was quite an uneventful day – doing the washing, tidying round, booting the dog around the room… that sort of thing…

For the moment my application at the ASSEDIC is at a stalemate because of the one attestation without a stamp. I’ve now contacted my ex boss and yesterday wrote the letter to go off with it. I also put together some photos for my Mum and the present Isa brought back from the trip to Japan.
Frankly, I am not a good son and neglect my Mum terribly. It’s a long story but basically she has had schizophrenia since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Of course it’s an illness that gets a bad press and suffers are tarred with the same brush – raving dangerous murderous nutters – mainly…
Well, it’s not at all true – as there are different strains of the illness. A very small handfull have dangerous cases – luckily my Mum isn’t one of them. In fact she is a very meek woman in her 50’s and can be in a world of her own a lot of the time. Which means communication can be hard – although I have to say she is a lot better now than in the past. Sadly there has always been a gap between us, which is hard to close – perhaps more so since my Dad died of cancer back in 1990. Even so, I’m going to try to close that gap because it’s something that has gone on way too long and you have to apreciate that life is too short!
I lost my Dad when I was 20 – so I know that I’ll regret a lot if I were to lose my Mum too.
So… I have photos I had done for her back in February, that I am only just sending to her now. Not a good son, as I say, and I am her only child.
The photos and weekly phone calls are the only point of contact between me and my Mum. It is highly unlikely she’ll come and visit me here, in fact in my 8 years here non of my family has ever visited us here in the Paris are. Although a few years back I met my Grandma and my Uncle (Mum’s Mum and brother) when they came over for a daytrip to Calais. I would so love to welcome them here to our place, to give them a break from things – in some cases where they have to keep an eye on my Mum. But for one reason or another that it never gets near to happening – particularly as they will have to leave my Mum behind (they are scared she’ll get jealous). Of course, I would be pleased if my Mum came too, but as I say, it probably won’t happen.

This morning I had an early start – left at 7.50am to go to Corbeil, 15km away. On Wednesday I received a letter from the ASSEDIC asking me to justify my last month of course. So I went to catch my teacher before classes started. It was great to see him again and I stopped for a coffee and a chat. He pointed out that my attestation should cover it – and there is no need for the form. So I guess a wasted trip.
But it seems it wasn’t : He said that next Thursday I should come in for another evaluation and then perhaps take on some courses Monday, Thursday and Friday. If I find a job or have to deal with the ANPE, then I can just leave. I’m quite pleased about that because it’ll stop me climbing the walls here at home when I have nothing to do.

On the way back I stopped at the Post Office in Mennecy to post off the package to my Mum and the letter with attestation to my old boss in Nantes. Perhaps just as well I’m doing this now as he is planning on leaving the company over there. As he is the Director, then it’s hightly likely the company will go down the proverbial toilet.

When I was locking my scooter up I saw BIL pass in his wifes Berlingo – he slowed to wave. Always nice to see him, just a pity that we are not close. He doesn’t say a lot to me at family gatherings – and I don’t seem to find the right words to get a conversation going with him. It’s all very confusing this “in laws” business.

Tomorrow Thumpah will perform at the theatre after weeks of rehearsals. I’ve decided not to go, which has put me on a guilt trip. I am just not interested in the theatre – added to that, I shut off after the first 10 minutes. Trying to follow the dialogue in French is never easy for me, and as I say, the interest just isn’t there. Even so I am proud of Thumpah for doing it.

Sunday, we are off to La Locomotion en FĂȘte – the yearly vehicle rally. I would have preferrred to have gone in Saturday, but like every year I’ll have to settle with going on the Sunday – because of Thumpah’s theatre commitments. It’s always been like that no matter what troupe she has been in.
I guess Thumpah finds the vehicle rally boring too. But it’s only once a year!

Today is quite sunny and thankfully not too hot. I’m going to get more washing done, and perhaps go and do some weeding in the garden. Lots to do out there…

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