When Fontenay le Vicomte had a regular bus service and an old style village sign.

A Mercedes Citaro passes the old village sign in 2005

Once upon a time we had 7 buses a day through our village for a very short time, both before and since this has gone down to just a couple a day. OK it was no great shakes as bus services go. Just a link to the nearest RER train station about 4 miles away in the next town, but for many it could have been a lifeline had the service not ran around empty.
Most houses here have 2 sometimes 3 cars per household, so this “could have been lifeline” had as much luck as a Walls Magnum in a sauna.

So this service ended and shortly afterwards, the nice looking traditional French village sign was removed. You see, our village now lacking a decent bus service and nice village sign was soon to acquire another lifeline. For those who own 2 or 3 cars, the local village mairie decided to put in a cycle path to link up with an existing path from Mennecy which stopped just before the old village sign featured in the photo.
In fact the sign was removed, while the whole of the right hand side of the lane, which you can see behind the bus was dug up. Several trees that were in the way were hacked out of the way and the lane closed with an inconvenient diversion via the village bypass.

Once the work had been finished, the lane was deliberately narrowed with a couple of passing places for lorries – which service the industrial estate just before the village. A speed limit of 50km/h was imposed which those owners of the 2 or 3 cars totally ignored. Meanwhile I for one welcomed the cycle path as on foot or on two wheels I didn’t have to risk life and limb getting to the park, which is behind me as I took this photo.

Thats progress for you… run a regular rural bus service and nobody uses it. Yet put in a cycle path and everyone loves it. ┬áMind you, I’m still waiting for someone to clap wing mirrors (or worse) on that now very narrow lane…

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