Old slides and Linux

Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy “learning” Linux. Maybe thanks to a fellow expat who lives about 5 miles away I’ve decided to make the big switch away from XP. It’s been a learning curve, but finally I have everything I need more or less installed having chosen Fedora Core 4 as my preferred type of Linux.

So far I’m pleased with it – it is very stable and seems to actually work faster than XP. Coupled with our internet upgrade and the new router that came with it, I’m now using Fedora to surf the net and email.

Even so, XP is still there on a bare minimum small partition – mainly for games, you understand… 😉

Aside from mucking about with Linux these last few weeks, I’ve been using Kooka – the excellent scanning package that comes with the Linux KDE desktop even if I use the Gnome Desktop – this package can be used by both and happily recognises the slide part of my scanner.
Therefore, I’ve been scanning a few old slides my Dad took back in the 1960’s – and with a bit of magic in Photoshop 7 they look fairly good.

The above photo is of my Dad no doubt showing off his old Vauxhall Viva HA, I also have some photos of an unknown friend of his doing more or less the same stuff with his souped up Ford Anglia.
As far as I know the Vauxhall belonged to my Grandad before he had it. Just a pity I don’t know where or the year this photo were taken.

As you can see from this photo, I’ve always been pretty gormless and I’ve switched from rubber fire engines to metal buses. 🙂

The last photo for now is of my parents when they first met, would date this around 1964ish… It is possibly the only photo I have of when my parents were young. Sadly my Dad died in 1990 but my Mum is still living back home in Leicester.

I love the photos from this period – just a pity my Dad didn’t take that many, or if he did a lot of them got lost somewhere. Perhaps when we moved from Hinckley to Leicester in 1979.

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