Bilan de Competance

After my meeting at the ANPE (see previous post beginning of this month) I had my “Bilan de Competance” (work assessment) last Friday morning. It was in Evry and involved a trip on the train and a short walk from the station – even so I left the house at 0730 for the 0900 appointment. On the way I bumped into my friend Julien (“Juju”) who lives in the next village where the train station is – and was on his way to work in Paris. As he was taking an earlier train I took the same one and so arrived at the formation centre in Evry 30 minutes early. Seems the receptionist was a little amazed as I’d got there before she did!
Anyway my appointment with the advisor Madame Peggy Page, was difficult to judge. Looks like we’ve assertained that any ambitions in graphic design are a little too ambitious – I think I already knew that, and so I’m starting back at square one at the age of 35. It’s a little scary as obviously I’ll be looking for a totally different job – more than likely something I know little about and perhaps casual.
I’ve not worked casually since I worked in a supermarket as a student back in the late 80’s to fund my course. To have to realise that I’m going to be going back to that sort of thing is a little hard to come to terms to – but I know I won’t have the time to consider that.

So far she attained that the fact I am English will perhaps open up some jobs where English is required. The first suggestions were either taking care of tourists or in a call centre. Both pretty daunting and not my sort of thing at all. I’m way to shy to deal with tourists and hate talking on the phone – especially in French.

Anyway it’s early days… will have to consider things. After the appointment, as I was in Evry, she suggested that I visit a small employment office in the train station in the centre of Evry (Evry-Courcouronnes). Which meant a 20 minute walk backwards away from the station I arrived at (Evry Bras de Fer).
Apparently at this office I could do a questionaire on a computer there. Basically to assertain the sort of person I am in the first questionnaire and then to do a second one based on the information given in the first.
Then I could print off the results and take that away with me.

It basically came up with the fact that I am keen on administrative tasks – I suppose I am. But there wasn’t that much that was positive about it. But having done the survey and thought a little I think that I will perhaps consider the following (in no special order) :

  • Administrative.
  • Giving English lessons.
  • Computer repair.

Well… I guess it’s a start!

On Monday I have my French lesson as usual and then yet another appointment with Mme Page. I think I will attempt to go there on my scooter this time.

Meanwhile today I have some lawns to mow – and some homework for both my French lessons and the Bilan.

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