L’église de St Rémi

No don’t worry… I’m not getting all religious on you! 🙂

A couple of weeks ago Thumpah happened to bump into the deputy mayor of the village and asked if he needed someone to work on the village publicity – as a volunteer of course!

Well, he quickly called me and asked me to come to the Mairie (the village hall) the Monday a week before last – where I found myself in the middle of a small commitee meeting. Wasn’t expecting that! Anyway I said that I could help and arranged to meet me at home on the Thursday. There and then I started work on a 16 page magazine about the history of the village church (l’église) called St Rémi.
By Monday it was largely done – and obviously my weekend was pretty hectic at having to do the publication at short notice, but it was fun. Maybe compounded by the fact I’d just changed to Linux and that I’d agreed to do the page make-up in MS Publisher – as that is what they use anyway. Would have preferred Quark Xpress, but that would have mucked things up when it came to consulting the “archives”.

On Tuesday the deputy Mayor (now known as Monsieur Blétel) came to take away the finished job and since then I’ve not really heard a lot. This afternoon I am due to visit the exhibition at the church and will perhaps see a finished copy of my handiwork then.

See more of my work…

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