Spontaneaous Candidatures

This morning for some reason was one of those mornings where I found it really hard to get out of bed. The alarm went off at 6.50am – and eventually I made it out of bed before Thumpah at about 7.10am. Considering I have to leave at 7.50am and Thumpah at 8am, we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to get ready.

Of course while I was in the bathroom Thumpah went back to bed and I had to wake her up – I guess I wasn’t a popular person. Thank God this morning wasn’t as cold, although it had rained over night and the roads were pretty greasy. I had to take a detour to Ormoy on the way to my classes in Corbeil, to refuel. On the way back I nearly lost it, as I went over a manhole cover turning at a roundabout. I always skid at that spot.

Once I’d got to the classroom – said “hello” to Monsieur Amadou, my teacher, and got a coffee I felt almost with the human race. Nothing like free coffee to perk you up! This morning I discussed my bilan meeting on Tuesday with Mr Amadou – he is someone who thinks that getting a job doesn’t need to involve the ANPE – I fully agree, but even so we are still obliged to “sign on” with them.
He suggested that he help me with a “lettre de motivation” and that I change my CV slightly to send off some “candidatures spontainé”. Perhaps targeting tourist companies, hotels and the airport at Orly where I can use my English. I’m not sure whether this will work or not, but he seems to think it is worth a try. What have I to lose?

This morning we analysed the newspaper “20 Minutes” for an hour – which is usually interesting. Then Mr Amadou decided we should do some mathematic problems – and I suffered! I have always hated maths, was never any good at school and back then had a really cruel teacher called Mrs Roach. She scarred me and a lot of others for life – by humiliating those who really could not grasp the lessons in front of the class. As a result I still count with my fingers and use a calculator whenever I can.
I suppose I was even more disappointed in the fact I only got a few of the problems right, and really struggled. It was sort of a consolation that everyone else was more or less in the same boat!

Yesterday was a pretty low day. I didn’t quite have the usual despair, it was all under control. But I struggled to find the motivation to do a few of the things suggested by the advisor during my bilan on Tuesday.
In the end I listed my CV at Manpower, enquired with the British Council in France about validating my Graphics certificat and then contacted a couple of libraries about reading/writing groups to help my written French.

When I came back home about 2pm I had a letter from Gefi about computer courses I’ve enquired about. Emails from one of the libraries I wrote to giving me details of various groups in Corbeil Essonnes. A woman who works in the library in Mennecy rang me up to tell me about a group that she runs. She works part time there, so was at her main job when she called. She suggested I call her tomorrow, as she would be there then. Then I had an email from the British Council with details about a French organisation that will validate my certificate. So I guess things are moving slowly.

I have those things to follow up tomorrow. Also need to make an appointment to see my homéopathique Doc and perhaps visit the motorbike shop where I bought my scooter to see if I can get a service under my years guarentee – it ends in December.

Thumpah’s parents come back from Brantôme on Saturday, so I have to get the books I took over there earlier this week upstairs. Will also need to mow their lawn and ours, get some weedkiller down on their gravelled driveway – they are poking through again – and we’ll both have to tidy their place before they arrive. Of course we have to do our cleaning too. Maybe I’ll finally be able to continue painting around our windows outside… that keeps getting put off the last few weekends. Isa will have theatre rehearsals for the next few weekends, so I guess I can get the DIY stuff done then.

So, a busy weekend ahead.

Tomorrow I have lessons in the morning again – if anything they get me used to getting up early and getting out of the house, but I can’t do with the “auto-pilot” on the scooter at that time of the morning, especially as traffic was heavier than usual, today.

Come on, John, you really enjoy it! )

Bilan de Competance…

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