The Auchan Supermarket Saga…

Lets call the two characters in this saga Mr C and Mr G.

Mr C called me from Auchan (Brétigny) last Friday to ask if I was still looking for work. Unfortunately the call came through when I was on the Paris Métro, so he left a message. As my battery was low and the fact I’m on a pay as you go forfait I thought I’d call when I got home. As it was latish when I got in and the fact I wanted to consider what I needed to say in French on the phone I called him the following morning (Saturday).

So, I called the Saturday am, and someone said Mr C wasn’t there and to try during the afternoon. So I called at 3pm and finally spoke to Mr C. He asked if I could come for an interview Monday am. Unfortunately I couldn’t as I had a Bilan de Competance that morning at 10am followed by my French lesson till 12.30pm. So an interview was arranged for 3pm Monday with a Mr G.

In the end I cancelled the French lesson because the conseilère on my bilan advised me to, and I thought it a good idea to prepare for my interview as I only had a few hours. She had gone through a mock interview with me already.

I arrived at 2.30pm for the 3pm appointment. When I arrived at the “acceuil” in the store, the woman there was surprised that I was there for an appointment with Mr G, because he was not expecting me – in fact he was in a meeting with the Direction. So basically she said “you’ve come for nothing because he’s not available. But Mr G will call me.”

When I arrived home I tried calling Auchan to see if I could speak to Mr C, but was told he was also in a meeting and not available.

Today, I’m preparing for my bilan d’infographiste which is tomorrow near Gare de Lyon in Paris. This afternoon I’ve had to go out to buy a new coat for this and any other interviews, for use on my scooter. My current coat is a bit tatty to arrive via scooter and be presentable for interviews etc. When I came back I called Auchan again and asked to speak to Mr G as he hadn’t called me back. Eventually I got through to him on a very bad line. Apparently he tells me that he wasn’t aware of the interview yesterday, and that Mr C is the “responsable” who hadn’t discussed this with him. Therefore Mr G says he is unable to give me an interview until he knows what Mr C’s intentions are. When asked if Mr C was available I was told that he isn’t back till Thursday am. So I said I would try and call Mr C then.

If this wasn’t serious it would be funny. All I want is a simple steady job shelve stacking in a sodding supermarket!

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