Scooter… train strikes etc…

Well this week has started off weird. The train drivers on our local
railway line the “RER” D (Reseau Express RĂ©gional) have decided to go
on strike. This means only a third of the usual service is running and
then the trains terminate about 10 miles from us here – and so NO trains
at all to our local station, which is 2 miles away. PLUS my scooter has
been back to the shop to have an electrical fault sorted out.

So Monday dawned bleak grey and miserable and I had no transport to get
to my appointments. First of all I had to call my French teacher to tell
him that I had a work assessment that morning and so couldn’t come into
the lesson. He was stuck on a train at the time and late – so I suppose
he wasn’t exactly in a brilliant mood. Then my MIL suggested she run me
into Evry for my assessment. On the way there, my work advisor called me
on my mobile to cancel my assessment that morning and reschedule it for
the following day.
Meanwhile I’d had to cancel a Doctors appointment I had made a month ago
for the afternoon because I had the job interview with Auchan (a French
supermarket branch). Thumpah had taken off a half day so she could drive me
there as I hadn’t got my scooter.

Yesterday, the trains were still on strike – so my MIL again ran me to
my assessment which took place as planned.

Today and tomorrow the trains are still on strike, tomorrow morning I
plan on going in for my French lessons – but I suppose it depends if my
teacher can make it there on the train from the north of Paris. It’s
going to be interesting…

MIL has to go and pick up a friend who is coming up from the south of
France by train to Paris. As she doesn’t like driving to Paris, she
wanted to leave her car at the place where the trains are terminating
and attempt to take the limited service into Paris and then back with
her friend. At least I managed to find out the strike train times for
her on the net. Lets hope the trains are not too full…!

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