Having been in French class this morning our teacher informed us that we were going to have a party to celebrate the New Year tomorrow. The ladies in the class being responsible for the food and the blokes the drink (I guess that will be non-alcoholic because most people are Muslim).

Unfortunately I won’t be able to stay for most of the fête – if at all…  because I have a Docs appointment at 12pm. They were planning on starting stuff at 11am, but that is when I’ll have to leave. I have 30km to do between my class and the Doc’s office. So I guess I’ll have to see how much I’ll be part of before having to go.

As it’s my birthday on Saturday, we will be celebrating it tomorrow evening. So two fêtes in one day! A couple of our friends couldn’t make it for Saturday, so we’ve had to bring the party forward. We’ll perhaps start around 8pm because everyone has to travel quite a way.

This afternoon it’s time to cut some more wood for the weekend, make some mince pies to inflict on my poor unsuspecting classmates tomorrow and begin a big tidy up. I have lots of other things to do too – I suppose there’s the weekend for that.

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