Fête with my Classmates on Friday

I forgot to mention on Friday that as usual I went to my French class – but on this particular occasion my teacher Monsieur Amadou had decided to do a celebration for the New Year. Everyone was to bring along food and drink – and the whole thing was suppose to start at around 11am and finish mid-afternoon.

As this had been decided while I was off classes the first week of 2006, while I had interviews and scooter/transport problems, I only knew about it a couple of days beforehand. As is the way, I was unlucky as I had a Docs appointment on the day of the party – at 12noon. My Doc, a specialist, is about 15km from where I take my classes so I had to leave before 11am to get there on time, stopping off at home to pick up my cheque book on the way (remember… here you have to pay Doctors directly – unlike in the UK).

So, I arrived at my class for 9am – brought some homemade mince pies, bottles of fruit juices, plastic cups and paper napkins with me. Then I helped move the tables and chairs with Mr Amadou so that there was plenty of space. About 40 people were expected, and they started arriving at 10.45am, just as I was getting all my cold weather gear on – to get ready to leave.

I suppose I’ll hear about how it all went tomorrow morning.

A couple of photos of my French teacher Mr Amadou in our classroom before everyone arrived.

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