Joyeuse Anniversaire…

On Friday evening (yes the 13th!) I celebrated my birthday with a few friends – it was a wonderful evening with great company and we all chatted and ate into the early hours. I think the emphasis was more on chatting, as is the French way – but we ate and drank quite a lot. It’s strange when I consider that this sort of evening wouldn’t really go down too well in the UK. We Brits don’t tend to sit down at the table to chat, we are there to eat!

I was also spoiled rotten with some presents. A couple of model buses, some cash for my scooter (need to get a new lock for it) and “Les Poupées Russes” on DVD. We eventually went to bed at 3 am after dropping my friend Julien off in the next village.

Saturday (the date of my birthday) we continued with the silly amounts of food – were both pretty tired as well. Isa slept much of the afternoon, while I looked for some firmware on the net for our DVD player in the living room. As a result we can now watch some DiVX’s that wouldn’t work before.

Before our evening meal we watched an episode of “Only Fools & Horses” – which was one of the DiVX’s that wouldn’t work before. “Jolly Boys Outing” was a Christmas Special back in the mid 80’s and nearly 2 hours long. Isa loved it.

After dinner we then watched the DVD “Les Poupées Russes” – I love that film, as I also like the previous film “L’Auberge Espagnole”.

So far a nice weekend – but I think today (Sunday) we need to carry on with the usual boring chores, after a quiet day yesterday.

Thanks to everyone on the net who has also wished me a “Happy Birthday” – it’s at times like this when all those friends and contacts out there really make your day special!

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