Busy weekend and ouch!

Over the weekend I organised a group meet up for my expat group. In fact, the group has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks and we now have move than 100 members. So more people means more want to come to the social meet. We were supposed to have been 8 people, but turned out to be 7 meeting up in a restaurant in Montparnasse. Although at any one time there was only the 6 of us – Laura, who is visiting from Chicago was visiting for just an hour, then after she went, Campbell turned up – a Brit who lives not to far away from me. The usual crowd was there, Irfan, Pascal, Ewa plus myself and Isa. We discovered the delights of 8% acholol Flandres beer and then things went a bit silly.

We arrived home at about 1.30am Saturday night.

Sunday lunchtime the in-laws came over to celebrate my birthday. We had prepared a meal for them of tarteflette followed by apple crumble. It all went down very well, but having had the late night before both Isa and myself were knackered. I could see that my BIL’s were making efforts to chat with me.

Monday was the usual dash at 7.45am on the scooter to my French course. It’s turning cold at the moment, so it really is a dash. Mind you I’m wearing a lot on me when I go to try and keep warm. When I get to the classroom in Corbeil I’m freezing. At least the teachers put the heating on early and make a nice cup of coffee for everyone, although apart from the teachers, I’m the only one that partakes. Monday afternoon saw me having fun changing the window wipers on MIL’s car.

Last night I stayed on the PC a little later than usual. As Thumpah had put the bedroom light out and was sleeping – I used my little torch to find my way to the bed (Didn’t want to wake her up). As I touched the edge of the quilt Chipie, who unseen to me was on the bed, BIT me!!! To say the air turned blue would be an understatement – I was furious! Luckily it wasn’t a serious bite – but it hurt and my whole arm aches as she must have pinched a nerve or something. She wasn’t flavour of the month today…

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