Cegetel… was our internet provider…

My moans about Cegetel are much documented, but in short we were “cut
off” by them at the beginning of November last year because we asked
for a line upgrade.
Since then, despite numerous phone calls (always going round in
circles – being passed back and forth to France Télécom about their line too), a
letter, an email and a threat to stop our subscription has done
nothing put things right. While we were paying the subscription for
ADSL we were getting… nuffin.

So last week we went with Wanadoo (France Télécom), sent a recorded letter to Cegetel
to tell them to get stuffed – explaining in great detail “why”, and
are now awaiting our new ADSL line.

Then tonight Cegetel phoned to ask “Why” we had decided to stop our
subscription with them. It was Isa that took the call, and she
basically told them that we have complained 50 million times so you
should KNOW why we have stopped the subscription.
Then person from Cegetel asked if we could elaborate as she hadn’t
got our letter ending the subscription in front of her. DOH!

What a bunch of amateurs… and youm goddit, we told her to get
stuffed… politely!

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