Colder and colder… and the weekend

Today has been colder than yesterday – about minus 2°C but with a biting wind, making it more like minus 4°C. OK – it’s not Poland, the Ukraine, Italy or Turkey – but it’s still bloody cold. Today coming back from my classes it took me 5 minutes with the kick start of my scooter to get the engine to turn over before leaving to return home. The cold had “got” to it.

Then when I stopped off to refuel – having to take a glove off to pay at the pump and fill up, I got frost bite. I’ve actually worn two pairs of gloves today – a thin pair inside the usual ski mittens. I actually thought I was running empty, but had a good litre and a bit left in the tank. Fuel guage is acting up again!

Tonight my nose and sinuses are on fire, I’ve got a headache, and tomorrow it’s going to be minus 3°C in the morning and minus 2°C in the afternoon.

At minus 28°C I honestly don’t know how people can really manage with that! I know what minus 18°C feels like as when I was a student many moons ago I worked for a frozen food store, and that was the temperature of their cold store!

So the same 30km round trip tomorrow morning too. Tomorrow evening we are going into Paris. Thumpah is going on a “girls night out” with some friends – so as I’m a bloke I can’t come (bit mean, that…). So my friend Pascal, who lives in Paris is going to “babysit” me while Thumpah has a nice time with her female friends. That leaves us lads to have a couple of beers, order a pizza and talk Linux. Sounds a very civilised evening to me… IMHO

Saturday night sees us eating with friends of ours in the next village. They’ve invited us round to their place. A lovely couple called Pierre & Georgette – Pierre runs his own sound engineering company in a little workshop next to his house. He never ceases to tell me proudly of his visits to the UK in the 1960’s (he is about 60 yo) when he worked on the sound systems for some of the big bands back then. He even played a few gigs himself. I have to say, he is a very young bloke for his age… talking about the likes of Led Zeppelin etc…

Anyway I’m looking forward to both evenings out – can do with a change of scene. Lets hope it doesn’t get too cold though…

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