Bad back…

After having back problems all week I woke up this morning with my back occasionally going in to spasm. Not the first time, as I had a lumbago a couple of years ago, and then, I was completely blocked.

As a result I’m not going into my French course today – all those road-humps between here and there do not really make me want to feel like making the trip. I just called my teacher, and he expects to see me on Monday.

Thumpah has been dosing me with an anti-inflamatory cream – to do something about the swelling on my back. I suppose in a few days it’ll be better, if not I’ll have to go and see a Doctor.

Today I think I’ll start catching up on my work searching. I have a letter I have to write to the place that was supposed to offer me a place on a web design course – but came to nought. A fellow expat, Ewa, sent me an advert from the net for a company looking for web designers. So I’ll get a letter and CV off to them. Then I have to start planning what I’m going to do next. I know that towards the end of this month, the place in Paris that gives English conversation courses where I had an interview, will get in touch about training. They seemed to be a bit vague as they had no fixed date for that.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for our ADSL line with Wanadoo to be connected. When we signed up they said it would take at least 11 days. So counting from the day after we signed up, that should mean today. Lets hope that will be the case…

Themometer this morning was showing minus 4°C outside.

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