Friday night Saturday morning

Last night I tagged along in the car as Thumpah was going on her “girls
night out” with a couple of friends and when we arrived in Paris, they
ceremonially dumped me at Pascals in the 13th – while they went on
their merry way. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the end Pascal and me decided to go and get a couple of pizza’s to
take away from the place found the corner from his appartment. As we
neared the restaurtant, a couple of people were standing around a
woman in the gutter. Apparently she had fallen and possibly broken
something – the poor lady was totally out of it. So Pascal and a few
of the others helped her stand up and almost carried her to a nearby
restaurant, while Pascal called the “Pompiers”. Someone in the
restaurant served her with sugar water as she was very white and
obviously in shock. After less than 5 minutes the ambulance arrived
and she was whisked off to hospital. We said goodbye to the others who
were there – who were even grateful I stayed, despite the fact I
didn’t do anything! Even so, I was humbled and given the situation, so

So we continued our evening, had a nice meal, at good chat, a couple
ofย  and were joined later for tea by Thumpah and her friends. We
finally arrived home around 2am – and it was COLD last night.

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