Evening at Pierre & Georgette’s

Last night we went to eat with Pierre and Georgette who live in the next village. Pierre has a little workshop next to their small house where he runs a sound engineering business – he never ceases to tell me about his “adventures in Angleterre” back in the 1960’s where he played a few gigs and worked with some big bands on their sound equipment. It always seems funny to me to see this 60 yo extolling the virtues of Led Zeppelin!!!

Anyway, he is originally from Dunkirk and Georgettes parents were Belgian. So they seem to consider themselves big friends of us Brits. They are wonderful people and provide a secure parking space for my scoot for when I need to go and get the train into Paris. The menu was Turk last night, kebab meat (veal) with chips & salad – followed by a pear cake Isa had made. With all that plenty of rosé wine. Those two know their wines and what is best to drink and I’m never disappointed when we eat with them.

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