Monday… Monday… so A-N-P-EEEE

ANPE = Agence Nationale Pour l’Emploi…

Tomorrow morning it’s French lessons as usual, except I’ll have a taxi tomorrow morning. Thumpah is running me to Corbeil, so no dice with death on the scooter (had to put salt down last night in front of our place because of black ice everywhere).

She’ll come and pick me up after the lesson, about 12.30pm, then after lunch and having to iron shirt, tie & trousers, I’ll have an appointment at the ANPE to go to at 4.00pm. They are starting to check up on the unemployed as from January 2006. So that means I have to provide proof I’ve been looking for work each month. Not a bad thing really… I have a nice pile of paper to show them, I’m sure that’ll send them to sleep!

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