Sunday walk near Fontainebleau..?

We’ve had a bit of a lazy weekend, mainly because I’d got all the house cleaning done on Friday afternoon.

Here in France they are currently doing the national census of the population – which meant a visit from an official coming to collect our census forms as I was doing the cleaning. It was odd to be recorded as a member of the French population – albeit as a “foreigner”!

Yesterday I slept through till midday (Thumpah didn’t wake me up!) then after dinner I fitted some fluorescent stickers I’d bought over the net onto my scooter – mainly so I can “be seen” on the roads when I have to leave for my French course in the morning. It is normally dark for the first 10 minutes of my journey.

Yesterday evening I had my habitual beer with the apéro and we watched a one off programme on the telly (“30me anniversaire de la musique Disco” = “30th anniversary of Disco music”). Seems the French deemed it necessary to celebrate the birthday of Disco music, although I’m not sure if they have their dates right or not. Of course they cite Claude François as being the father of Disco music – he was there, before the Americans – in fact. So I’m inclined to agree.

Anyway, there were quite a few acts playing songs that I’ve not really listened to since I was a kid… 30 years ago I was only 6 years old! I guess the show was let down by letting singers from the reality TV contests sing songs for those artists who couldn’t be there or have since died. Very cringe making stuff…

Today, I’m hopefully going to get my hair shaved off by she-who-must-be-obeyed (YOU’D call her that when she has the electric clippers in her mitt ). Then even though it’s freezing cold again today we are going to be heading in the general direction of Fontainbleau for a walk in the forest with the dog. Maybe post some photos later on. There isn’t just one forest around Fontainbleau, there are several. Some of them close to where we live here.

This evening we’ll probably go to the cinéma to watch “Les Bronzés 3” – unfortunately if you don’t live in France you wouldn’t know who “Les Bronzés” are! Basically they are a theatre troupe who brought out two films at the end of the 70’s “Les Bronzés” & “Les Bronzés font du ski” (The bronzed people & The bronzed people go skiing) – these two films have since become cult films here in France. The members of the troupe called “Le Splendid” have all gone on to bigger and better things. The majority acting in recent French films – with a couple also now famous directors here. As it’s 27 years since “Les Bronzés font du ski” came out, everyone is now really interested in seeing this sequel so long after the last two films came out.

Anyway those are some of the French films I love.

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