Regime… Regime… Regime… (or DIET in French)

…in French is diet.

A week last Monday both Thumpah and myself started cutting back on naughty foods and eating reasonable portions. We’ve vowed to walk more, do more exercise etc. But I hate these hunger pangs. At this rate I’m going to be gnawing on the corner of my desk!

Thumpah would like a rowing machine for her birthday, and we already have a slightly broken exercise bike – so I suppose it’s a start.

For the minute I’ve gone from 115,2kg 10 days ago┬áto 113,3kg this morning. The 115kg has scared me though because it wasn’t that long ago I was 112kg. Mind you – in my nearly 9 years in France I have put on a good 25 to 30kg

Lets hope the diet lasts…

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