Getting back on line again (the saga of) #1

As my message said yesterday – “we are going to be offline” – loosely meaning that I can’t stay online for long. Having had no ADSL for 3 months, our now old provider, Cegetel, had given us 500 hours on 56k free. Sort of, to compensate for the fact they f**ked things up on our line.

Of those hours, we’ve calculated that we have something like 80 left and we will be cut off from Cegetel on the 23rd February. That late, because any demand to end a subscription is carried over to the next month if it is received after the 20th of any given month.

So, now we have the new provider, Wanadoo, we are now waiting for them to change the line speed to 2Mbits so that our router/modem will sychronise with the ADSL line. For the minute they’ve been checking if the line is OK after Cegetel mucked about with it. They will then change the speed, according to them, after we’ve finished the Cegetel subscription.

I’ve been told that it doesn’t matter if we’ve finished with our old provider or not – so therefore we’ll go and see France Télécom (Wanadoo) at their shop tomorrow to see if we can set that in motion. So I have no idea when this will be carried out.

I will post on here from time to time with any news. At least I can still check my emails, which is particularly important now I’m back to looking for a job again – 6 applications sent out yesterday.

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