Getting back on line again (the saga of) #2

This afternoon we went to see our new internet provider, Wanadoo, concerning the fact we do not have an ADSL line with them. It seems that they do not have to right to switch our line over from Cegetel, until our subscription has stopped with the latter. So it seems that even though Cegetel have never supplied us with an ADSL Max connection – and has left us without ADSL for the last 3 months, Wanadoo cannot take up that connection until Cegetel has removed their material from our line.

It is planned (we hope) that Cegetel will end the subscription around the 20th of this month. Then Wanadoo will take over automatically (as Wanadoo is France Télécom – they still have monopoly over much of the network) once Cegetel have cut our none-existant ADSL. Unfortunately we don’t know for definate when they will take up the connection. So, it’s looking like 2 weeks plus.

Meanwhile I have the dial up connection hours to use with Cegetel till then. This will work out at about 2 hours a day.

In the meantime, as we have started paying the subscription to Wanadoo, we are going to have to send a request to see if they can reimbourse the month of January. As we’ve not actually used their service, we hope that as a commercial gesture they will do this. We’ll have to see what happens…

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