I can’t stand the rain… doobee doobee doop doop bop bop

These last few days France seems to have had a lot of rainfall – including the region where I live, the Essonne, about 40km south of Paris.

The other day I got drenched riding my scooter to classes – luckily my teacher is a really nice bloke and let me shelter my scooter outside and put my gear in front of the heater in the class room to dry off all morning. Nothing worse than wet gloves!

Today, I left at the usual time to go to classes – was a beautiful morning with an orange sky very sunny with dampish roads. Not too treacherous if you didn’t go too fast around roundabouts (I nearly came off on one on Monday). When I arrived I spent a while chatting with the two teachers we have there, Mr Amadou & Mr Seulyman. By the time Mr Amadou started the class the weather was alternating between dark clouds and sun like it was going to rain at any moment. So I ran outside to put my scooter under the stairs up to the second floor so at least it would be sheltered.

When I left at 12.45 it was spitting with rain, but then as I set off down the road in front of where I have my classes a heavy downpour started up. For the whole 20 minute trip it carried on with no let up. It’s about the first time I’ve felt really scared/uneasy riding my scooter. As luck would have it – I’ve never encountered weather like that in the year I’ve been scootering.

By this time I couldn’t see anything through my visor due to the rain. Wiping it didn’t help. Plus the roads were very very slippy. One the way some cretin decided to stop to chat with a driver coming in the other direction. Had to overtake on the inside. Then on the dual carriageway before our village a couple of cars overtook a little too close for comfort – with the fact I couldn’t see very well through the visor it’s very unsettling.

More rain is forcast for tomorrow too, and I have to make the same usual trip. My gear has been drying all afternoon in front of the radiator in the living room. I was literally dripping wet when I arrived home early afternoon.

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