Bugger it!

A few weeks ago we had a leaflet in our letterbox basically advertising
for distributers of leaflets in peoples letter boxes – so I thought
that I’d call them to see if I could sign up. They told me that I’d
have to come to one of their meetings where they discuss things in
group. As the place is someway from here and the meetings during the
day I would have to wait for Thumpah to take time off so I could go. Plus they told me that a car is needed to do the work – so I suggested that Thumpah could pick up the leaflets – then I could post them. Especially as their depot/office is not far from where Thumpah works.

So I had to wait for Thumpah to have a morning off. That was this morning.
I rang up the place yesterday to see when the next meeting was – which was at 10am this morning.

This morning we arrived at 10am – the woman there gave me a form to fill in, but before we did that we wanted to know a little more about
the work (as they’d given the impression we could work in a team).
Turns out that there is no fixed round, and so a car would be needed to not only pick up the leaflets but drive to where they send you to
deliver the leaflets etc.

So obviously, having no car I couldn’t travel too far. So I gave her the form back and wished her “Bonne Journée”.

Bit of a let down really.

On the way back home we called into the Job Advice place in the next
village – run by the town hall there and I made an appointment for
tomorrow afternoon with an advisor. On Monday I also have my monthly appointment at the “Job Centre” over in Corbeil – anything to get any advice and to keep looking for work!

It’s true that where I live is a little isolated and I don’t have a
drivers licence – and no way to pay for driving lessons, yet alone run
a car! But it seems a lot of employers discriminate against people
without their own transport. It’s true that I have a scooter so I can
travel at least 10 miles in any direction – but this is seen as a bear
minimum here.

Very much like banging ones head against a brickwall. Ah well – I’ll have to see what else I can turn up.

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