Well Easter is here in France – and like everywhere else, everyone gorges themselves with chocolate eggs and bunnys. The only difference is that because this is a Catholic country “Good Friday” doesn’t exist. Instead, the public holiday is the Monday.
With that, there are no Hot Cross buns either – like back home in the UK. I miss those. We have a breadmaker here so perhaps I’ll try and do a Hot Cross loaf. 🙂

The weekend looks like we’ll be occupied. Today I did all the housework so we could have the weekend free from all that. Tomorrow we’ll have to go shopping anyway. Then in the evening we’ve been invited to eat round a friends place in Paris. He lives in a very small appartment in the centre – no room to swing a cat, literally!
Sunday and Monday we won’t be here. We’ll go away somewhere, to be decided, Sunday morning and come back Monday evening.
As we won’t be here on Sunday – we won’t do the traditional hiding of chocolates for each other to seek. The custom in France is to hide the Easter eggs etc in the garden, so the kids can go and find them – using saucepans to carry their new found treasures.

Thumpah and me usually do that in the house. So this evening we hid our Easter presents (see photo) for each other to find. By coincidence we’d both bought each other a Lindt bunny (with gold foil wrapping). Thumpah bought me the latest Wallace & Gromit film on DVD and I’d bought her a software to play Sudoku on the computer.
Thumpah had also bought me a chocolate bunny riding a scooter a couple of weeks ago – which I’d not touched. This evening we attacked some of the chocolate – but I guess we ate too much too quickly as we both have stomach probs. That’ll teach us!

Anyway will be nice to go away for a couple of days – we’re thinking about perhaps to Amiens and the local area.

Have a nice Easter everyone!

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