Drat… ride around les Marais

This morning I went for a little ride around the marais which run along the river behind our village. For once it didn’t rain, but it looks like it will now I’ve arrived back home. I had planned on sharing more photos of my jaunt with you – but it seems that I’ve reached my upload limit for this month so any photos will have to wait for a few days…
I already have one subscription on another Multiply page, so I want to avoid paying one for this page.

This afternoon I have my French lessons – just as it looks like it’s going to chuck it down! In fact, it’s the first time I’ve had my lesson time in the afternoon. It seems that this is going to be for a test and assessment of hours available for the next year, especially the case as the French government are clamping down on the allocation of hours for free courses. No doubt I’ll be finishing in a few weeks, or maybe even today. I just don’t know!

That matches my uncertainty concerning my new job too, as I still don’t know when I’ll be starting that either. For me this is all typically French and I think I’m about used to it by now.

Well… lunch and then I’m off… Have a nice afternoon all! 🙂

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